The Dresden Files - New Vegas

Abe is leaving the Mirage after a bad night of gambling and senses that something is watching him. He calls Marco. Marco tells him to move into a populated area. However, Abe is then attacked, and is able to tell Marco that he smells sulfur before the phone cuts out. Having heard static on the line, Marco deduces that there is probably some sorcerer summoning a demon near the Mirage. Meanwhile, Isamu senses bad juju coming from his family magatama. He tries to get help from Saigo, but ultimately ends up spending the entire night cleansing it himself. Marco tries to call Jeremiah Higgens while driving to help Abe. However, he only has his office number. Therefore Marco tries to get the number from Craig, but ends up in a lengthy social battle with him because Craig wants to help. Ultimately, Marco ends up tell Craig what is going on because he has arrived at the Mirage and no longer has time to make the call himself. Craig calls Jeremiah, and begins to head down to the Mirage himself.



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