New Vegas

It has been 3 years since the wild fire burned down Las Vegas, when the city had to be completely rebuilt.


-Magical confluence
Born from the ashes of magical fire
Faces: Clint & Alec, Mia Descartes, Jeremiah Higgins
-Disney by day, naughty by night
Casino, whorehouses, night club, but also family vacation place
Faces: Ivanna Raith, Karl Mihos


-Power for the taking
Power vacuum generated by the absence of supernatural and mundane power
Faces: Chris Christy

Lawlessness and chaos that comes from the lack of management
Faces: Charlie Walters, Alison McKinney

Balance of power

Supernatural status quo

White court – Dantes(greed) & Raith(lust)
Two superpowers who dominated the old Vegas. They now have to rebuild everything they had, while other forced try to take a portion of the pie themselves

White court – Scavis(despair)
Scavis used to be the weaker of the three court in original vegas. However, they are visibly gaining more power since the fire.

Red court
The red court sees this situation as an opportunity to weaken their old rival, the white court vampires. Their purpose is not to claim New Vegas for their own, (even though they wouldn’t mind if that happens) but to prevent anyone they don’t like from taking the power.

Black court
Though black court vampires are almost extinct, thanks to Stocker’s famous novel (which is practically a cheet sheet for killing black court vampires), red court vampires in New Vegas have managed to gain few of the surviving blampires to help them in their missions.

They are kinda hanging around, watching how the whole thing is going. Only time they will ever make a move is when it’s counter part-winter or the summer- makes move. Balance of nature and all.

White council
Wizard of white council is not taking any part of the powerplay that’s going on in New Vegas. However, the mortals living in the city and magical communities of minor talents that started to gather since The Fire is the responsibility for the white council to protect. Just so happens that one of the Warden in North America is making a living in University of the Desert!

With all the vampires in the town, the city is bound to have some ghoul problem. Many are under vampire court’s control and consume meat they provide, but few dregs likes to roam around city’s parks at night, hunting drunk gamblers and homeless people.

Mundane status quo

Casinos : Belagio, Mirage, Sands
Three major casino in Old Vegas had already rebuilt the bigger flahier casino since the fire. Each casino is backed by gang groups which also is competing among themselves. Mirage out of all three is the only one that is ran by House Dantes

Police force
Not all police of Vegas are corrupted. However, most of the cops are not fool enough to go against the crime of the city. Number of indiviuals are slowly noticing increased number of missing people, deranged bodies, and witness who have seen the weirdest thing (who deosn’t seem to be drug addicts). Also, they are not done investigating the fire that burned down the entire town.

Chris Cristy, apparently a politican god, is the mayor of New Vegas. The mayor with the cool head and warm heart refuses to walk away from his responsibility for the sake of principal. He does not hesitaate to take dirty methods if it means to help his people of Vegas. He makes deals with gangsters, and perheps indirectly with vampires (though without his realization) which provides minimal security in the lawless city.

New Vegas

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