The Dresden Files - New Vegas

October 25, 2013

Abe is attacked by the invisible beast-thing, but dodges and punches it with such great force, it begins to flicker from transparent to opaque. The beast is revealed as some sort of mammal, but black and coated in some sort of gel-like substance. Abe takes a picture of the creature using his cell phone and makes a break for The Mirage. Abe closes the door behind him, with only a small scratch, as the beast snarls and squeal from behind it. Abe, feeling a bit safe, sends the picture via text to Marco. Abe calls Marco, telling him of the location of the beast. Marco hangs up on Abe as screams echo out of the lobby of the Mirage. Marco calls Craig. They discuss the situation about the beast and it’s threat on the general population. Marco calls Abe and tells him to draw out the beast to an isolated area. Marco tells him to draw a circle with blood and infuse his (Abe) will. Marco tells Abe that he had just arrived and that they would work together to hold it off. Marco gets out of his car and leaps out of his car, pocketing his phone, and takes off to the Mirage. Marco can see the entrance and a body that could have once be a person. Marco calls Isamu, but no answer. After 3 calls, Marco gives up and searches the area for a heavy mass to throw at the creature. Suddenly, Abe bolts through the door, past the beast and starts toward Marco outside. Marco throws Abe a metal flask. Abe drinks the liquid and gains supernatural speed. Abe makes his way for a waterway half a block from away with the creature and Marco following behind.



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